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Q - What is EverList™?
A - EverList™ is a feature that was designed to save you time and money!

At the top of every page are alphabetized tabs: Browse, FAQ, EverList™, Help, Login, Main Page, News, Search, Sell & Sitemap

Click on the Login tab located at the top of any page.

EverList Tab

You will be taken to a page where you will see this message:
If you are a Seller, our EverList™ feature for Classified Ads is incredible.

For a small, one time, fee of only $0.99 our EverList™ feature allows you to list a Classified Ad FOREVER until it sells! YES! THAT’S RIGHT! FOREVER!

What makes EverList™ a time saver is the fact that you NEVER have to spend any time to relist your Item. NEVER!

What makes EverList™ a great value is the fact that you NEVER have to pay an additional fee to relist your Item. NEVER!

EverList™ is certainly worth its weight in gold!

When you list your Classified Ad, just check the box, and our EverList™ will RELIST your Classified Ad until it sells.


NOTE: EverList™ is now available for Auction THIS Now Items.

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