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ATTENTION: GROUND HOG`S DAY is Saturday, February 2, 2019.
ATTENTION: PRESIDENT`S DAY is Monday, February 18, 2019.

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Q - What are some of the Verified Member Benefits? Verified Member

A - Verified Members of the community are entitled to:

1) No Listing Fees Auctions, Classified Ads, Trade Only Ads & Want Ads are FREE. On some websites, listing fees are sometimes called insertion fees and your seller account is charged at the time of listing.

2) No Image Fees Add up to five (5) images for FREE. On some websites, images are sometimes called pictures and your seller account is charged at the time of listing.

3) No Closing Fees has NEVER charged Closing Fees. On some websites, closing fees are sometimes called final value fees and when your Item sells or ends with a winning bid, your seller account is charged a final value fee based on the item`s final sale price.

Being a Verified Member informs the community that sellers and buyers are committed to each other with excellent service and integrity. The Verified Member symbol will be displayed next to the Verified Member's Username on all pages.

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