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ATTENTION: GROUND HOG`S DAY is Saturday, February 2, 2019.
ATTENTION: PRESIDENT`S DAY is Monday, February 18, 2019.

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Q - What is Your Personal Menu?

A - Your Personal Menu is a Menu Bar for Registered Members which displays when you LogIn.

There are two (2) different Personal Menu views. Verified Members see Type I and Non Verified Members will see Type II.

On the left side under the Trust column are the times you recently and last logged in and out.

On the right side under the Honesty, Integrity and Service columns are Quick links to often used features are displayed on the right side in four (4) rows.

Row I includes your Username`s Personal Menu and the current time is displayed on the right side in Hours, Minutes and Seconds based upon EST (Eastern Standard Time).
Row II MyAboutMe | MyBilling | MyItems | MyOptions | MyProfile | MyStatistics
Row III includes Old Feedback Options | New Leave Multiple Feedback Options
Row IV includes MyQuestions | You Have (Total #) Questions To Answer.
Row V includes an Informational link to Make A Donation to help support this site.

Your Personal Menu Verified Members
Type I Personal Menu For Verified Members

Row VI informs the Verified Member exactly how many EverList™ Credits are available.
Row VII allows the Verified Member to Post a FREE 30 Day Want THIS Now Ad.

Your Personal Menu
Type II Personal Menu For Non Verified Members

Row VI includes an Informational link to become a Verified Member which allows Members to Post Ads.

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